School Lunch Found Guilty!

OUR FIRST POST! Chicken, bread, and ????? by geetikak
January 14, 2010, 6:59 pm
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Geetika and Nabila say:

The chicken was OK.  We mean it wasn’t sooooooo bad but it wasn’t that good either.  But the bread was DISGUSTING! It was hard, cold and ERGHIE. The 3rd thing… well, we don’t even know WHAT it was! But we didn’t think it would be good.  It looked cold and hard and yucky.  Anyways, children don’t like veggies.  They hate them!  So the veggies here should look appealing!Actually, we, well I don’t even KNOW if it was a veggie.

What did YOU guys think?  And what do you think it would taste like if you didn’t taste it?


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Ladies and Amy! YOU ROCK. I watched Scott try to eat this today and I nearly didn’t want my OWN lunch! I’m looking forward to your updates. Keep up the excellent work. 🙂

Comment by Caitlin

I really agree with you girls. I thought the lunch looked kind of bad. Though I didn’t eat it, I couldv’e expected that it would taste bad. Especially the chicken, it looked like a weirdish pink and red color in the inside.

Comment by pwyfoodemilya

it looks grose

Comment by miranda

omg i totally agree with you that food was so nasty i mean the chicken wasnt even cooked well why cant obama help us????

Comment by arooj

I agree with you, why can’t Obama do anything about this? 🙂

Comment by NKV

i totally agree too the school lunch sucks thats why i dont even get lunch!!!!!!!! the bread was disgusting. I asked my friend if i could taste it and omg i felt like going to the bathroom and throw up!!!!!!! im going to bring home food better then school lunch!

Comment by khadija

well, I agree to the chicken was OK but i kinda liked the bread but, what kind of circle veggie is that or not veggie i think that they should serve good lunch that everybody would like. they should make it fair with no veggies. veggies are DISGUSTING!!!

Comment by kiara

That food appears to be fictional.

Also, my guess is that the lower left corner food item is corn and hatred, al fresco!

Comment by Craig "Dweller" Barnes

I hate the school chicken. It is so discusting! ugh! Today I ate Pb&J. I can’t the site of such food. We ought to get some help with our lunch. Sp many people agree. I think we need someone who can help us with the food we get. LIke Jamie Oliver did.

Comment by pywfoodnoshinh

well i did not eat the school lunch but it looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
,how would i say this?, YUCKY!!!!!!!

Comment by pwyfoodjenniferj

Whatever was served with the chicken certainly didn’t look fresh or appealing. Thanks to you for writing the first post and to your whole class for starting this blog. There is much to say about school lunches and I look forward to following your reactions and suggestions for change!

Comment by Brooke

Ohhh…I love chicken and veggies but, I agree, this serving of veggies does not look appealing to children.

I really enjoyed reading this first post and look forward to reading more. Thank you for such a well written post.

Comment by Yariv

i agree with you guys. They are serving bad lunch.I MEAN BAD!

Comment by sarah

I agree,this food is really disgusting. If they will start a kitchen i hope they use the oven like we stated in the classroom!

Comment by sarah

it does look ewwww!!!!

Comment by lesley

I agree. This food does look unappealing.When I got this lunch, I threw it out right away. BLECH IT SMELLED DISGUSTING TO. I hope someone like Jamie Oliver can come to our school and help us solve this crisis!

Comment by syedal

thaz cool and disgusting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by margot

I belive those are chickpeas and some type of beans?? They’re actually kinda tasty…I mean, I haven’t had them at YOUR school or anything, but they taste similar to lima beans.

Comment by Cricketo

i think the chicken is unhealthy and that we should be eating healthy when i saw a couple of people eating it .I felt like i was giong to drop dead it was oily mooshy and unapetizing that we always have to eat what ever is in the lunch room and u know what i think they lied about us having a healty lunch like for instant’s they said when they open the new cafetira they said there was going to be a salad bar and a deli but i don’t think that’s going to happen don’t u agree?

Comment by elizabeth student of astoria

Oh you poor kids! I’m so sorry you even have to look at that kind of non-food let alone try to eat it. I hope most of you are starting to pack your own lunches and learning about good choices from your parents and your wonderful teacher, Amy. Please don’t believe that all “kids don’t like veggies.” Eaten fresh, alone or with a little dip, or even cooked properly they can be delicious. It’s okay if you don’t like all of them, but please give them a try.

Comment by Kay


Comment by Misbah

the food from our school is VERY creepy 😦 help us kids!!!! what r they trying to feed us!

Comment by raniae

The black/white veggiestuff is chickpeas with black beans…can be delicious..but that certainly does not look good..but I feel with you. Had some pretty bad school lunch myself and you may be shocked, but I would have eaten your food. Nothing looked as bad as the ones I had

Comment by cyrell

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