School Lunch Found Guilty!

Grilled Cheese with Pineapples by pwyfoodjenniferj
January 15, 2010, 5:51 pm
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Maninder and Jennifer say:      

Todays school lunch was OK. The grilled cheese sandwich felt sticky but the cheese was actually “grilled”. The cheese was also goey and soggy. They also gave pineapple cut into cubes inside the pineapple juice along with it. However, it was not filling. We saw most kids still hungry. The chocolate milk helped fill our thirstiness. We thought this lunch was ok after all. 


This is all the plastic that the school lunch used everyday. This is NOT eco-friendly and this is a big part of our lunch! This is a BIG, HUGE problem! When it is garbaged by about millions of kids everyday, it goes to our Earth’s landfills, which make our Earth dirty and polluted. They put plastic around unnecessary things. For example, they put plastic on the pineapple cups. There is no reason to put any plastic on pineapple cups, because the pineapples in the cups are already protected with the cup. WE SHOULD STOP THIS INSANITY!!!
What do you think about the school lunch today?

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i did not like the lunch at all i only ate the pineapple and it tasted all watery and it tasted like nothing at all!!!!!!! i was soo hungry and i just dont like grilled cheese sandwhich

Comment by masiell

I do like grilled cheese sandwich. I agree that the pineapple was watery. The taste was blah. Good description 🙂

Comment by pywfoodnoshinh

I didn’t eat the school lunch today again….. But I’ve tasted this grilled cheese sandwich before in my school from last year. Seriously it tasted bad! It burned my hand like when I touched it. I don’t like the fact that the school lunch servers waste that amount of plastic. I mean, we could be a little more eco-friendly to the environment. Yeah, I think you girls did a wonderful job!! Good work you two! 😀

Comment by pwyfoodemilya

I agree, way too much waste! Good photos for your post to illustrate your points.

Comment by Brooke

omg like really the pinaple tasted like pure disgusting water. i mean why cant we have like a fruit bar something like that cause in p.s.234 we had that and it hhad pinaple salad with dressing every single thing i want that im willing to go back! but too bad i have to live with it still 6 years!

Comment by khadija

I really hate the school food if only they had pizza fridays , and what’s the point of putting the food in those boxes???!!!!!???OMG EVEN P.S.17 SCHOOL FOOD TASTES BETTER!!!!!!!!1

Comment by assia

i didn’t eat it but it looked grose

Comment by miranda

i know right….
there do landfill the earth and also we can recycle it too

Comment by pwyfoodtenzind

I thought too that the lunch was disgusting. From, this day on, I will be bringing my own lunch!

Comment by NKV

I think the grilled cheese sandwhich was OK. I mean it wasn’t so bad but it wasn’t that good either. And I soooooooooo agree that we are wasting so much plastic. To tell you the truth I hadn’t really noticed that before you said so. Thanks for making me relize that!

Comment by Geetika

it doesnt look nothing like grilled chesse!!!!!

Comment by lesley

THUMBS DOWN! Looks like the waste picture sure changed your opinion, guys! Good JOB! that is definitely part of our luncheon! <— :]

Comment by Misbah

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