School Lunch Found Guilty!

Spaghetti,Meatballs and Beans by plwyfooddaniellah
January 19, 2010, 3:37 pm
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Tenzin and Daniella say: Today we had a very unappealing lunch what we had for lunch was the watery meatballs,sweating beans with no flavor and dried up spaghetti. The meatballs taste was like a combination of every little food mushed together, it looked like it was done hastily. The beans looked like it had been boiled or steamed with a very high temperature and it almost looked like it was over-cooked. The last food was spaghetti and it had very little sauce, the sauce should have been thicker,it also looked like the sauce was dried up. The part from the spaghetti that was missing was the texture of the sauce, we felt it could have been thicker and just a little more creamier. This lunch is definetly GUITLTY!


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So far, it seems like the lunches are all starch and starch with a side of starch! This is a terribly unbalanced meal. Where are the vegetables???

Comment by foodteacheramy

Well, I didn’t eat the lunch AGAIN today. Though I observed it. The meatballs looked like they were uncooked. The beans were mushy when I touched it with my spork.The noodles were so thin and I really didn’t like it. The sauce……did it even have any sauce?? To me, it doesn’t look like it has anything on it (barely anything) Good job Tenzin and Daniella! 😀

Comment by pwyfoodemilya

Today was truly disgusting food. I was thinking lately if we had the food open and we can SEE it, we probably eating the sandwiches. the pasta was disgusting. It was so dry. I really lost my appetite on school food. I really think we should get FRESH healthy food. We all don’t something that was frozen and then heated up.

Comment by pywfoodnoshinh

This does look rather unappetizing. I was impressed with your descriptions and agree that it did look very gross. It looks like it may have been a bunch of left over items thrown together to try to appear like a cohesive meal. Although none of the items is necessarily “bad” by itself, the combination wasn’t very balanced. Something green and leafy might have been a good addition.

Comment by littlereadersny

ugh i agree the meatballs were wwatery even though i didnt taste it. It was very clear about the disgusting meatballs. No ofense airplane food is even better.

Comment by khadija

they barely give this anymore so that’s a real relief!

Comment by Misbah

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