School Lunch Found Guilty!

Grilled Cheese Sandwhich, Carrots and Banana by pwyfoodsarahh
January 25, 2010, 2:17 pm
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Syeda and Sarah say:  BLECH! The cheese  was gooey and spread all around the sandwhich and it’s plastic cover. The whole wheat bread was very dry. The banana had a bright color on the outside, but  dull on the inside. It was bruised and disgusting. Not to mension, it was very MUSHY and when it is mushy it is STICKY and when it is sticky it sticks to your TEETH! The carrot had an orange color, but it was very hard, especially in the center. Overall it was horrible!


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Bummer, I thought this lunch looked promising. The carrots looked so bright, and I’m always happy to see a piece of fresh fruit on the lunch trays. Sorry you were disappointed… again.

Comment by foodteacheramy

P.S. For inspiration on baking/cooking for yourself, check out this girl’s rad blog. She’s only 17!

Comment by foodteacheramy

Today’s sandwich wasn’t so bad. I think it was OK. My sandwich was a little hard on the crust. The middle was not bad. The carrots were awfully bad. I think they were very hard. The inside was like a rock. I couldn’t break through it. My banana wasn’t so bad. It was alright. I think everything was alright except the carrots. (:

Comment by pywfoodnoshinh

I was about to take a bite into that sandwich until it burned my hand any I dropped it on the floor……..I lost my appetite that time…..

Comment by pwyfoodemilya

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