School Lunch Found Guilty!

cheeseburger and fries by rhahminah
February 3, 2010, 2:39 pm
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Carmela and Alyssa say: This lunch was slimey and potatoes were so hard and greasy.I could of sworn this lunch came from another planet. The burger had cheese that was cold and sour.URGHHH!!!The burger bread was sweating, when i took it out of the tray it was dripping and tasted gross.



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ewwww. this looks disgusting!!! who would want to eat this??

Comment by syedal

You guys are great! Keep up the documentation. You kids deserve better!

Comment by brooklyn mom

ewwww… i love how you describe the chessebuger but who would want to eat this kind of thing.. i eat it but i dont like it.

Comment by lesley

I can’t of anything to say. SHOCK, DESPERATENESS, DEPRESSION,

Comment by pywfoodnoshinh

ewwwww. that looks disgusting! I don’t know how actually eat that stuff. ewwwww!

Comment by geetikak

uhh ewww! that is the nastyest school lunch iv ever seen

Comment by elizabeth student of astoria

PLus, the second picture of the hamburger doesn’t look so nice.

NOTE: In book clubs I heard another group who had a book about the food guilts and I figured (according to their conversation) that “ham” is made out of cow poop.

Comment by Misbah

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