School Lunch Found Guilty!

Ravioli And Veggies, egh. by nabilac
February 4, 2010, 7:46 pm
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Geetika and Nabila say: Okay, first of all, I felt like throwing a piano at this “food.”

I think anyone who ate this, it would be out of starvation! Both of us couldn’t eat this

because of our religion, AND there were NO MORE sandwiches! PLUS, the veggies looked EW, so ew that                                                             we even made a SIGN of it the EW. That’s how yucky the food looked. So there we both were,

eating NOTHING at ALL, that’s pretty wonderful, eh?




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well it looks pretty discusting to me,i did not taste it but it looks yucky.

Comment by jennifer

How is it possible that they didn’t have enough sandwiches? It is not right to have students going hungry!

Comment by littlereadersny

I sometimes think Me myself is trying to get food poison eating this. I feel like going to mayor blooomberg’s office and saying things to him. I have a million and one complains and a few other personal business to take care with him. He should do something about this like really. C’MON move it. Make a move mayor! For the sake of students. He might be thinking everything is going well because everyone is too lethargic to say something or do something. All people can do is go around complaining to other people how bad school lunch is and cursing it out.WE STUDENTS OF TYWLS OF ASTORIA HAS BEEN KEEPING UP WITH THIS FOR ABOUT 2 MONTHS STRAIGHT. NOTHING IS HAPPENING. WE MIGHT AS WELL BE DOING THIS FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES………:(

Comment by pywfoodnoshinh

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