School Lunch Found Guilty!

Cheese Burger With French Fries by pwyfoodjenniferj
March 4, 2010, 2:03 pm
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Maninder and jennifer say:

Today for lunch we had cheese burgers with french fries aside. It was raw, and it was miss placed with the bun all most falling sideways. The cheese was all over the place, and the beef patty was falling off the bun. It smelled weird, and soggy! It was also moist in a really bad way, and it needed salt. The chocolate milk needed more chocolate in our opinion. Many girls still had a lot of food on their tray while throwing it out. It was sad to see so much food at waste. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION IN TODAY’S SCHOOL LUNCH???

p.s. I bet you don’t want to taste this!!


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No Thanks! I think I’d rather go hungry than risk salmonella poisoning!

Comment by Anneliz

I feel grossed out. I mean, look at how the way the bread is placed on the burger. Is this how we deserve our lunch? We get something that is shoved in the warmer and served to people like that? At least they can give us a healthier burger that’s not flat, soggy and unappetizing. Otherwise, barely anyone will eat it! I thought the school lunch was GUILTY!
P.S. I was among one of them with still a lot of leftovers on the tray!

Comment by pwyfoodemilya

I agree that we need to make school meals healthier to fight childhood obesity. We definitely need more fruits, vegetables, and vegetarian meal options in lunch lines. You can ask your representative to support this healthy change here:

Comment by laura

i would rather eat my foot then eat school lunch

Comment by elizabeth

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