School Lunch Found Guilty!

Lasagna and String beans by pwyfoodtenzind
March 5, 2010, 12:50 pm
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3/4 GUILTY !!!

Tenzin and Daniela say: The lunch of today was good because it was healthy food. The cafeteria served lasagna. One thing about the lasagna that didn’t taste so good was they put too much cheese. The lasagna wasn’t hot but it was cold and it didn’t taste that good because of that. The cheese seemed a little dry because it was too cold to be lasagna. The string beans seemed like they were steamed or over heated, so they were really dry. The lasagna was alright it would’ve been better if it wasn’t that cold. The apple was delicious! That was today’s lunch!


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They finally gave something that we half-liked!
Thumbs up, woohoo. But I agree that the lasagna was cold and that there was way too much cheese. But, the good thing is that they served us somthing better. 😀

Comment by pwyfoodemilya

The lasagna was good and I agree it was cold. Not really cold, but it would have tasted better if it was warmer.

Comment by pywfoodnoshinh

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