School Lunch Found Guilty!

Beef Patty by schoollunchfoundguilty
March 10, 2010, 2:24 pm
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Naimah and Noran say:The beef patty is guilty. We are muslim and we cant eat meat so thats not fair we cant eat beef. We were starving and Noran is allergic to peanut butter, carrots and apples. So she couldnt eat anything. On the other hand Naimah ate peanut butter.It was soggy in front. So she only ate the bread.The meat of the beef patty was under cooked and even if we could eat it we wouldnt we would rather starve so the school lunch is found guilty!


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They should serve something else besides that Beef Patty (Besides the PBJ also) It’s not fair that the people with the same religion with you have to eat PBJ all the time when they serve something you are forbidden to eat. Looks like an empanada, not a patty 😀

Comment by pwyfoodemilya

I agree that the alternative should not always be PBJ. Especially with the allergies out there. Question though, don’t the kids receive a lunch menu for the week or month so they can look ahead and know if they should bring a lunch that day? I do realize that this won’t help the kids who are on the free lunch program.

Comment by Mary

No. We do not get a calendar. I know my old school used to give the kids a calendar. This school, however doesn’t give us a calendar. Funny, that you bring it up. I don’t think the lunch lady even knows what she is going to serve the kids for the day.

Comment by pywfoodnoshinh

Muslims are not allowed to eat beef??I am Muslim but that does not mean we can not eat beef. We just can not eat pork. Anyway…… a question out of curiosity—how many carrots was on that tray?????

Comment by pywfoodnoshinh

The school lunch seriously looks guilty. I mean, there were only 2 carrots on the tray. WHAT ARE THE KIDS SUPPOSED TO EAT??????? Also, the beef patty looks disgusting.:(

Comment by noureen

Sorry, I made a mistake. There’s more than 2 carrots. But, the lunch is still disgusting.

Comment by noureen

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