School Lunch Found Guilty!

Green beans, Pasta, Banana by schoollunchfoundguilty
March 15, 2010, 2:07 pm
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Merna, Emily, Masiel say:
Today’s food is guilty. When we opened our lunch the beans smelled so bad our heads started to hurt because it smelled terrible. The pasta didn’t taste like anything when we tasted it, it was really original we were expecting to taste the meat and the sauce. The pasta was dry and horrible. So once again todays lunch is guilty!


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Oh I remember seeing Lisa take the lunch. Nowadays, I do not take the pasta anymore. I hate hate hate hate it like crazy. I do not know why but I think the pasta is undercooked so it is very very hard. I think that the pasta should have more sauce and should be boiled a little bit more so it tastes better. Every time from now on if we are served pasta I will ask for a PB&J sandwich. I think I just made a promise sort of thing. I am so sure I will keep it

Comment by pywfoodnoshinh

I didn’t tke the lunch becaue it looked disgusting. When one of my friends opene the cover of the tray, the smell of the pasta made me want to puke! It was horrible!!

Comment by syedal

I did eat the pasta actually, and I dont know what to say. It WASNT good but I wouldnt say it tasted horrible that I almost threw up. Some wacko taste.

Comment by pwyfoodlisah

Now, I don’t eat school lunch. The pasta is so ugly looking. The beans smell bad, and let off disgusting fumes. The fruit is usually bruised. NICE JOB ON YOUR POST!!!!!!!! 🙂

Comment by noureen

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