School Lunch Found Guilty!

Corn with Lasagna by pwyfoodmichellec
March 19, 2010, 1:22 pm
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Partly Guilty

Michelle and Sarah say: The disgusting lasagna was very watery and gross. Some people liked it, but people like us hate it, including the fact that it smelled wierd. A real lasagna consists of cheese on the outside and in the inside covered with sauce.This lasagna was covered with barely any cheese. The corn was so gross because it was really soft and soggy. It was a little brown from being oversteamed.The lasagna and the corn should not be together!


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Congratulations girls! Wow, i think it’s a great idea to let the girls express their opinion on school lunch and the website being updated everyday. I mean the website is great! The (wo)manifesto is fantastic. So is the picture that was drawn as the website banner, It is soo cute! I would just like to say that your website is great. You just got a new daily viewer 🙂


I am so impressed with you ladies! Your site has gotten so much attention and you are bringing an important issue to light. Your posts continue to be thoughtfully done and you are truly lucky to have an amazing teacher to guide you along the way.

Comment by littlereadersny

Even though i’m not in the current trimester, i would like to say thank you for supporting us.This means a lot to us and it is an important topic. Thank you again.

Comment by syedal

Thank you for your sweet message. I am happy to support you and your colleagues. I agree, it is a very important issue!

Comment by littlereadersny

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