School Lunch Found Guilty!

Cheese Burger and French fries by schoollunchfoundguilty
March 23, 2010, 3:57 pm
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Half Guilty

Brittany and Giovanna say:Today lunch was loud and we both felt rushed and uncomfortable eating. The burger was ok, but nothing really special. We count it as a regular, boring, AND Non-tasting burger. It looked as if someone just threw it in the oven. The french fries were mushy, it looked dark as if it was rotten, and it was so cold that someone could think they didnt even cook it! Food should be made with care and if it isn’t then it shouldn’t be eaten! We think lunch is bad but cheese burger and french fries is the best lunch in the school. This lunch compared to other lunch’s is much better but lunch in our school can improve alot more.


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We think your project is awesome – super cool! Good luck with it. If you want to have some yummy from home food in between the icky school lunch food, try out our lunch website –
We have lots of ideas that you can try (and add your own) and everything has calorie info and nutrition, pictures etc. My husband and I made the site for our kids who are in Elementary school now, so you can search for foods by color, letter and other fun ways. If you don’t know what you want to make, have the site choose for you with the lunchfood lottery – it’s rather neat.
Again, good luck with improving your school lunch! It certainly does need improving. Amy

Comment by dawsonchristmas

the frenchfries were horrible!!!!!!!!!! they tasted so hard and it didnt even taste like potatoe and who like big fat potatoes that doesn’t taste like anything and that is so dry?

Comment by masiel

The french fries are really disgusting. I mean, how can you eat them? They’re so mushy. It’s like they don’t care about our nutrition.

Comment by noureen

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