School Lunch Found Guilty!

Grilled Cheese and Apples by schoollunchfoundguilty
March 24, 2010, 1:58 pm
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CaRmElA and Alyssa say : The cheese was gooey and sticky and just gross.It did not even smell like cheese. It had something green in it. EWWWW BOOGIES!! We hated it! πŸ˜› Who likes green cheese?? The bread was burnt and sweaty. EWW! It was wet. Do you want some wet cheese?? Remember that the cheese was melted and it was sticky.Who in the WORLD would ever want cheese stuck to your fingers. GROSS! it was also a bit salty………………………….. salty cheese would be okay…if we were on Mars.So we suggest that bringing home lunch(and you KNOW whats in it)would be best for you and your friends!SO never eat SCHOOL LUNCH! The apples were crunchy and brown. 😦 Brown rotten apples are tasty for your FYI! The Milk was just sour , so no one took it.Thank you for reading and for your time. πŸ˜‰


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i didn’t taste the cheese sandwhich but the time i tasted it, it was ok i mean like i didn’t see any green cheese but i was starving nd i had to eat it, i onl ate half though. Today’s apples weren’t as great as i suspected it i usually eat two packs of apples every time they give them because i love so much ( Emily gives hers:) but today’s apples were brown so i had to throw it. I was kindof upset, i didn’t take emily’s apples for the first time i wasn’t in the mood to eat apples anymore

Comment by masiel

i diddn’t taste the cheese it was like so dry hot and gooeyand salty so i think we shouldn’t be eating this stuff we should be eating thing’s that are healthy and good that is what we should eat like a ham and cheese on italian bread and juice box and two cookies would be a great lunch and fyi!this should be burned this should never exsist :]

Comment by elizabeth

prove that there’s green stuff in there. ( that’s a little tip). I know i tasted it in school

Comment by Misbah

What is with that plastic wrap around the sandwich? That would only make it even more disgusting my making the sandwich steamy and damp!

Comment by Mary

With the plastic wrapper, it just makes the cheese sandwich soggier. Don’t you think so?

Comment by pwyfoodemilya

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