School Lunch Found Guilty!

Chicken Sandwich by rhahminah
March 25, 2010, 1:57 pm
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Rhahmina and Lesley say:  The chicken was red and pink. WOW Im never eating that discusting NASTY sandwich!!!!! The chicken was crusty and squishy. My mom can cook way better then the school lunch. All we are asking to say is trying to make the school lunch better. Nobody ate the lunch today, now a days in our school people bring their own lunch because they think its gross and they cant stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “ewwww  school lunch” everyone says. My lip gloss taste better then the school lunch. If you are just going to a school you should bring your own lunch instead of looking at that chicken with the red and the pink stuff. This school lunch is EXTRIMELY GULTIY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I agree with you, but I’m not sure about the lip gloss. Anyway, I had never EVER liked the school lunch. I only got one word for it: GROSS! My mom can also cook way better than that chicken I had for lunch today. .Also, why is the chicken pinkish and redish? That’s what I wanted to know.

Comment by angela

I think you guys are so right. The school lunch is really disusting. You’re also right about everyone bringing their own lunch. SCHOOL LUNCH STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by noureen

i didn’t see what was so bad about it really. It was chicken and some veggies. But i think the veggies need to be a bit fresher.

Comment by Misbah

i did not eat the lunch at all when i looked at it.i hate chicken sandwiches

Comment by pwyfoodsarahh

what are they trying to feed us! great post lesley and rhahmina. yes very guilty!

Comment by raniae

hey 3rd trimister play with your food,i am really proud of you guys that you uys are tslkin care of the website after we left the 2 trimister.
i should tell u that you guys will do every day posting the school lunches.

also the chicken did tasted kinda gushy

Comment by pwyfoodtenzind

I agree it was the most disgusting lunch ever.I would rather chew my own foot off then eat the school lunch. The atmosphere was like you were being rushed.

Comment by elizabeth

It was probably reddish/pinkish because it wasn’t cooked well. I think it’s raw in the inside and just plain old mushy in the outside. Beats me but, why would people want to feed us this…..abnormal thing?!

Comment by pwyfoodemilya

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