School Lunch Found Guilty!

roasted chicken by norano
March 26, 2010, 2:05 pm
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Noran and Naimah say: The school lunch is guilty. The roasted chicken was oily and wet although we have seen some improvement in the school luch.  The roasted chicken used to be under cooked but now it is cooked better. The vegetables actually got worse thousgh the vegetables had a horrible smell when we opened the package. The oranges were out of juice and vey dry. So even though their was one improvment the school luch is still found guilty!


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The chicken was dry and the vegetables were soggy. The orange was even hard. The milk tasted wrong and there was absolutely nothing to eat. From now on I am definitely going to get my own lunch or no lunch.

Comment by Misbah

I hope the spring break brings you all great food to eat! It looks like packing your own lunch may be the way to go at our school. That’s certainly what I do.

Comment by littlereadersny

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