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A Break from Bad Lunches: Spring Break, March 29 – April 6 by schoollunchfoundguilty
March 29, 2010, 2:31 pm
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Food Teacher Amy says: Hi everyone! This week we are taking a break from school and from lunch. NYC public schools are off today through next Tuesday. We’ll be back in the cafeteria on Wednesday, April 7. In the meantime, be sure to keep visiting School Lunch Found Guilty for some “food for thought.”

Speaking of which, who watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on Friday night? His British show, “Jamie’s School Dinners,” was part of the inspiration for this site, and I’m glad to see him bringing the same ideas to America. I think he’s a hero, but I felt bad that he was faced with so much resistance from people who could really use his help. What do you think? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on his project.

And for some advice from Jamie on what to do to improve lunches at your school, click here.


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i think jamie oliver’s ashow was the smartest thing he has ever done and i think he should put more ideas on his show to make it even better like he cAN SHOW HOW THE FOOD WAS PRODUCED AND WHAT IS IN THE food that he was showing and i think we hould take a break form the nasty schoollunch that we r eating and eat stuff that is better and taste better like i ate chicken qsidue with a special signature sauce and it was deliciuose and also i’d also like to say that jamie oliver rock’s

Comment by elizabeth

I think Jamie Oliver is very determind, because even though people thought that he was like a bad infulence, cuz no one would like his lunch, and the lunch ladies would get mad, he still followed his goal, to make school lunches better. I REALLY wish he came to our school, and fixed our lunches. I think he is a very good idol for little kids to be healthy. I also think that he should make like a organization that go to schools all over the world and fix school lunches, so that they could go to schools like ours.

I watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Reveloution, and I thought it was AWESOME the way that he tought the young kids that what they are eating is bad. I also thought his way was creative, and fun. If I were to meet him, I would thank him for teaching people how much better school lunches should have been, and I would have also told him, he is a big hero to MANY people, including my food teacher Amy.

have a nice spring break everybody! πŸ˜€

Comment by maninderk

Jamie Oliver is someone who likes to stand up for their opinions. The best thing about him is that he doesn’t let people around him change what he thinks. Even if people around him dislike him for his ideas, even if they make an attempt to discourage him, he will not listen to them. He will continue going down his path. (: He is a brilliant guy who is trying to make a change. To answer Amy’s question: I think it is very unfair. He is just trying to make kids healthier. I am reading the book Chew On This. My mind caught on a part right now. A scientist said something like: “We got the fattest most nonactive kids in this generation”I am not sure if those were his/her exact words but that’s the idea. I think Jamie Oliver is trying to stop that.

Comment by pywfoodnoshinh

AND I was reading a article on yahoo news about children being non active. Scientist thought that kids in poor countries were active then kids in richer countries. Studies had shown that it does not matter if you live in a poor area or a very rich area the kids in these are COUCH POTATOES. We are so unhealthy. We should be active more and more.

Comment by pywfoodnoshinh

I saw Jamie Olivers food revolution and thought it was horrible that a lot of the kids didn’t know what the fruits names were or their vegetables either yet they knew what all the junk food was. Jamie Oliver is trying to make a change and a difference.

Comment by pwyfoodgabriellah

I’ve been very active on watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and I thought it was a very cool idea. In the previous elective before you guys, we started talking about what Jamie Oliver did back in England and what he did was he changed the whole entire food serving system in England for School Lunches (it’s been a while so I’m not quite sure)and it was amazing. But he finds it sort of harder here in America for some reason. 😦 It’s pretty tough for him to do this when there are some people on his side and a A LOT of people against him. The one I liked the best was when he gathered a gruop of young teenagers (in high school) who had a life of experiencing obesity or having to see someone in there family with obesity and they made this dinner or something for the senators I think and the senators thought the Jamie Oliver was cooking it but it was really the teenagers doing it all. πŸ™‚ It was really inspiring for me and for others. Watch it if you haven’t it’s great1

Comment by pwyfoodemilya

Jamie Oliver is an inspiration to me and my familly! My family has learned alot from him! He is a caring responsible loving person. H

Comment by khadija

He is a person who doesnt only think about his children or family he thinks about other peoples family too. People have to understand what he tries to do! Jamie oliver has changed my families attitude toward healthy food. Thanx to him!! Jamie oliver is my role model and others too!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never forget about him! He has changed my family and others 2! I hope he succeds in his goals if i had a wish it would be to help him succedd ~!!!!! πŸ™‚ xd =]

Comment by khadija

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