School Lunch Found Guilty!

Chicken, rice, and vegetables by pwyfoodjamiem
April 7, 2010, 3:00 pm
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Misbah and Jamie say: The food in this picture might look good but it tastes a little  awful. The vegetables taste  soggy and didn’t taste good. The chicken was dry and the rice was brown so it could be healthy depending on how they cook it.  They gave milk with our school lunch so that was good because it provides calcium for the kids. Sometimes, you should bring your own lunch just in case the lunch doesn’t taste good. Most of the kids in our school, bring their own lunch so that5’s a relief. So that’s why we say this food is half-guilty.


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I’m so sorry about your lunch! The vegetables look awful! In my opinion, this is why some people (any age) don’t like vegetables. Please don’t give up on veggies – they really can be delicious when they’re cooked right – or even raw.

Comment by Kay

Correction: Most of the time when the school lunch is bad ;)It wasn’t much of a correction but I thought that it’d fit in. What’s that thing in the container or whatever it is? I didn’t open my lunch. I just wanna know, is it potato salad?

Comment by pwyfoodemilya

Misbah and Jamie, in my opinion everything looks disgusting except the apple sauce. The vegetables seem to be soggy like you said,but also seem to be lonely because they’re just lying there. The rice looks terrible too!!!#:O. Nice job on your first post!!! 🙂

Comment by noureen

thx guys! 🙂

Comment by Misbah

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