School Lunch Found Guilty!

Meat With Chips and Corn by ayshat
April 14, 2010, 3:11 pm
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3/4 Guilty

Khadija and Aysha say it was 3/4 guilty. Aysha and khadija Said that the meat was dry on the top and it was very liquidy but the corn was good and the chips was  okay. We wished we had salsa with the chips that would have been better. I  never eat the school lunch because when i was in 3rd grade we had the same lunch as now and it was horrible so i never want to try another piece of the lunch which is why i always bring in junk food rather then eating the school lunch. It was not cooked well if i would have tasted it i would have been sick and would have been puking. They could have made the lunch funner and more creative because the school lunch is very plan and boring. which i dont blame little kids in other schools who don’t eat their school lunch too.I think the government should take responsiblity and control of this issue and this is a very big issue  for kids.WHY ARE ADULTS CHOOSING WHAT US KIDS EAT ? We are the one eating it ! if they want us to eat vegetables then make it more creative like make vegetable person but with some sugar at least cause we do need some sugar in our body and yum yum yummy who would want that. Isnt that healthy?


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I only liked the chips, juice, and meat. But, I have to agree with you. The meat is kind of soggy. But, it’s healthy food so usually, healthy food won’t taste that good.

Comment by pwyfoodangelad

I still say this lunch is the worst one on the menu. I think it’s supposed to be nachos, which is pretty terrible to begin with. And they’re not even GOOD nachos, they’re “beef crumbles” with mystery sauce and chips! The beef crumbles make me nervous. I don’t think I’ve ever cooked or eaten a dish with little granules of beef like that, even in chili or tacos. At least the corn looks good. And apples are always nice.

Comment by FoodTeacherAmy

Khadija and Aysha, I agree that the chips were OK. They are just very salty. The apples are OK too, but they have a medicine after taste. I like the idea of how you took your picture near the garbage can!!!!! 😉 I think you guys did a fanastic job on your post!!! Write more posts like these!!! 🙂

Comment by noureen

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