School Lunch Found Guilty!

Chicken pattie with potato on the side and with milk by michellem2
April 16, 2010, 2:49 pm
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Michelle and Angela say: What does this food look like to you? Of course, it’s chicken patty and potato salad but, its pure GUILTINESS! The chicken was thin and soggy. Then we opened the potato salad cap and the smell came out as mayonnaise and cold potato that we took a little bit of it on a fork and we closed our eyes because we didn’t want to eat it. After we tasted it we swallowed really fast that we felt like we wanted to vomit and we had to open a small milk carton and drink the milk so the flavor could get out of  our mouths.  Our faces turned disgusted and funny because of the taste that was bitter, sour, and mushy. After this we asked our selves why would the school give us this kind of lunch because if they want us to eat something healthy then we would prefer to eat a tuna sandwich with orange juice then a carton of milk. Some of our friends didn’t want to eat. It was vomitrocious food we ate, and we did not like it.


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WOW!!! You guys wrote so much about the trashy lunch. I like the way you guys said how you closed your eyes because you didn’t want to eat the potato salad. I also like the word vomitrocious. It really brings out what the school lunch really is. Nice job on your first post!!! 🙂

Comment by noureen

hey thanks Nourreen.

Comment by michellem2

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