School Lunch Found Guilty!

peanutbutter and jelly by pwyfooddanielal
April 19, 2010, 1:53 pm
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half- guilty

Christy and Daniela say: Today the cafeteria smelled like something was rotten.Todays lunch was half guilty. Some was good others bad. The peanut butter was gooing out of the sandwich it felt like they just smeared it on in  a rush and the jelly was warm. It taseted slimey and looked like trash. EVEN THE FOOD WASN’T SMILEING. The bannana was gooy, it had black dots on the peel and it was  hard to open while the orange was juicy and sweet.We only liked the orange.


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Yeah, I agree with you guys. I didn’t even wanted to eat any of the food! (How do I put up the smiley faces?) All I did was played with the food.

Comment by pwyfoodangelad

Christy and Daniela, I love the face you guys made out of the food. It’s supposed to be angry right? That was a really creative way to express your feelings toward school lunch. I agree that the orange was the only good thing though. The pb&j sandwich is always disgusting. Awesome job on your post!!!!!!

Comment by noureen

The face helps you on your writing. The food wasn’t that bad, though because it’s PB & J. it’s 3/4 guitly for me.

Comment by Misbaha

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