School Lunch Found Guilty!

chicken burger by lizzylou97
April 21, 2010, 3:03 pm
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chicken burger


Khadija and Elizabeth say: That the Chicken burger was uncooked it was like eating a uncooked chicken. The beans were totally disgusting it was wet and dull. The buns used were also disgusting. When we took a bite it tasted like spicy asian bread but it tasted bad! The bread wasn’t fresh. The color of the bread was so dull. It made us feel like we are eating a black rotten bread! We want fresh Italian bread! Like we get in subway. Why can’t we have a vegetable salad? Instead of wet, slippery, and smelly beans? Over all it was also like eating an alive chicken!!!! Ewwww who would eat that? No one at all. Everyone of our friends came up to us and said ew the lunch is so gross i rather have unhealthy food. We also had apples. To all of our friends. It seriously tasted like it had poison in it. We spitted it out. We had the worse after taste in are mouth’s. I think you can agree with us when we say this is guilty. We  want a salad bar pineapple , cucumbers…. That what we had in our school last year! That is also healthy so why not have that?



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I am a new reader to this site as of today. I do have to tell you, I don’t blame these kids one bit for wanting to have a change in there school lunches. After only 2 hours of reading your blog from beginning to present, I don’t think I ever want to eat another cheeseburger, chicken sandwich, peanut butter sandwich or piece of chicken again! There is absolutely no diversity for these kids. Where are the fresh veggies, rice, salads, the soups and stews? Where is the fish, and why is there not an option for the beef except peanut butter? (peanut allergies are very common) I can not speak for the flavor of these “foods” but I can tell you I have worked in the food industry for 23 years, and the sight of this food reminds me of vending machine food you microwave. It is ridiculous the school system would teach you the food pyramid then serve you this. Way to go girls!!!!! You just keep expressing yourself!!!!! She who is the loudest is heard!!!!! Good luck on your blog, and nothing but the best wishes and support you will get from me.

Comment by kuriouskat

KuriousKat is right and her questions should be in consideration because she definitely right.

Btw, kids write these posts from TYWLS.

Comment by Misbaha

Hello im im soo happy thank you kuriouskat its so pleasant hearing from a person who believes in us who would like to support us!

Comment by khadija

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