School Lunch Found Guilty!

Grilled Cheese, an apple, and Banana Bread by pwyfoodbrittanyg
April 23, 2010, 12:41 pm
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Half guilty

Brittany and Giovanna say: Today’s Lunch was so Rushed and disguisting that while we were eating an  apple we almost chocked! The Grilled cheese was just bread with cold cheese…who wants to eat cold cheese?!?!?! The lunch ladies should take the time to actually warm up the grilled cheese. We also had Banana bread. The Banana bread was warm but did not taste like banana’s at all!! I wish everyone could smell how disguisting the banana bread smelt! It looked like someone just warmed up a piece of garbage into plastic! The apple was Tasteless and it felt like it had chemical’s in it! Our soulution is that we should get the same lunchs that Paris school’s get! Paris’s lunch cook actually take’s time to make the children’s food! They also have differrent servings. This confuses both of us! Why don’t we get treated the same way Paris does? Well hope you loved our post for today and PLEASE COMMENT on your side of the argument!


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According, to how you put the foods the food looks gross. EW was the first thing I saw while seeing it. Ew. >:'(

Comment by Misbaha

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