School Lunch Found Guilty!

Lasagna and beans Vs Turkey cheese sandwich by khadijaz
April 29, 2010, 2:04 pm
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Lazania VS Turkey cheese sandwich


Maria and Khadija say:  The lasagna was mushy and sticky. We compared it to a Turkey cheese sandwich which was homemade by our friends mother. The sandwich was much better than the lasagna. The sandwich was delicious well-cooked and perfect flavor to it.  The turkey wasnt mushy or sticky.The lasagna was horrible. When we took a bite it just fell back on the tray. It taste like the garbage. The turkey sandwich totally beat the Lasagna by the taste, texture, and smell. We gave the Lasagna one star out of ten and we gave the turkey sandwich a ten out of ten!  The beans were wet, soggy, smelly, and it was dull in color. The beans should have been colorful and bright. Which we didn’t have. If we were given beans that aren’t dull or wet we would eat it all up.


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When I see postings like this one today, my natural inclination is to say, “Then just pack and bring your own lunch if it’s so much tastier and better and you are so unhappy.”

And if that is not economically feasible for the students at this school, my next thought is, “If you have nothing else to eat, then is it really a good choice to ridicule, mutilate and nit-pick the food someone else is gracious enough to provide to you?”

I guess the photo of the sandwich that was drawn on with a pen really gets to me. People who are actually in need don’t fiddle with their food like that, because food (any food) is precious.

Which, in turn, makes me think that these students aren’t hungry or in need, they’re just bored.

Comment by Cita

Hello my name is Khadija and I did this post with my partner. Im sorry if the post with the pen gets to you. All of us who do a post always try to be creative but you have misunderstood us. We are hungry but why should we eat food that isnt good. All the students hate school lunch so should we all bring our own lunch every one of us? You are not wrong or im not trying to to be rude but we also have a diffferent opinion that we are trying to make people understand. Our voices should be heard too.

Comment by Khadija

Hi I am one of the students who gets satelite food and its REALLY frusterating becaus eI am hungry. My family can’t afford to give me food every single day so I have to eat the food or starve. How do you think we like that? I know some people don’t even have the ability to eat food but why should we put something disgusting in our mouth? It’s like eating bugs or soil!!! Oh and I agree with Misbah

Comment by Jensine

… Adding on to Khadija I’d like to say that we children are doing this website is to tell people and point out to them how school food is not as healthy as it looks and plus, All of us can’t really bring lunch, you know?

We’re sorry if our replies offend you, but we just want to point out the reason to why we do this.

Thank you…

Comment by Misbaha

“I guess the photo of the sandwich that was drawn on with a pen really gets to me. People who are actually in need don’t fiddle with their food like that, because food (any food) is precious.”

I agree. Not saying that the quality of lunch couldn’t always improve, but to play with your food like that expresses a sense of disrespect.

Comment by Donna

I forgot to say that this is our website we like to be creative so why does it hurt you? We made this website so our voices can be heard aeound the world so we can share our ideas. If you think our post is stupid or anything like that then I think you shouldnt visit this website anymore. You have another opinion that we dont agree on. We are trying our best to explain to people like you our point of this website. This is an issue about our future we should be the ones to decide!

Comment by Khadija

It’s true… )=)

Comment by Misbaha

Yup she said it!

Comment by Jensine

I applaud your efforts for giving us a fresh view on this. But I don’t think the first commentor was saying that your post was stupid. She was expressing her opinion on this, just as you are free to express yours. Everyone should be able to express their view on it, shouldn’t they? 🙂

Comment by Donna

Yes thank you Misbah! we are sorry if our comments are stupid or if it offend you.

Comment by Khadija

your welcome…

Comment by Misbaha

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