School Lunch Found Guilty!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich with Carrots by rmkopczynski
April 30, 2010, 1:56 pm
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           Today’s Lunch

Delicious Carrots as a mouth

Briused apple and oranges for eyes

Milk and Juice for ears

Ugly brown liquid and bread for a nose

Half-Guilty is the call



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Again, with the ridicule and dismissiveness of the food.

At what point can someone step in and say, “If you don’t like what you’re given, bring your own lunch; if you can’t afford your own lunch then be more gracious and thoughtful about what you’re getting for reduced cost or free?”

I would LOVE to help students in actual need find ways to make their school lunches better. But I’m never going to rush to help anyone who is bored with their food (so bored they draw pictures on it, and poke fun at it) as opposed to being actually hungry and in need.

Comment by Cita

Wait. You would love to help “students in actual need” find better food, but you’re okay with letting “bored” kids eat the kind of garbage that has created a national outcry (supported by vocal leaders like Jamie Oliver and Michelle Obama) for better school food? You seem to be sending the message that only kids who are destitute are worthy of our attention, and that everyone else should just shut up and do (or, in this case, eat) what they’re told. Not to go over the top and compare this lunch battle to civil rights movements or the revolutionary war but, wow, imagine if everyone thought that way.

I don’t get it. Don’t ALL kids deserve good food? And didn’t the old adage, “Children should be seen, not heard” go out of fashion sometime back in the 1960s? In any case, I think you’re missing the point of this site. All across America, school lunches are being scrutinized – for their nutritional value (or lack thereof), for their contribution to childhood obesity and, yes, even for the way they look and taste. We are advocating decent food, and a decent lunch, for ALL students. But this is your is your third comment berating students for complaining about their food, which makes me think you really just want to see them/paint them as ungrateful privileged kids who have nothing better to do with their time. I’m not sure why. You haven’t met these girls. You have no idea what their lives look like. Perhaps they were simply trying to be creative with their photos. Perhaps they were trying to inject some joy into lunchtime. Perhaps they were empowered by a website that allows them to give a voice to kids everywhere. Perhaps they were just being silly. They are, after all, 11 years old. In any case, you’ve made your point. You are clearly very passionate about fighting childhood hunger, and I don’t blame you – it’s a great cause. It’s just not what we’re talking about here. I bet the following organizations, however, would appreciate your enthusiasm and support:

Feeding America (
Share Our Strength (

Comment by FoodTeacherAmy

I don’t think the first commentor was trying to offend anyone. However, I do also feel uncomfortable with the way the reviwers are berating the food. It’s still food, and someone put in effort to prepare it so it is edible. (Your opinion may differ… but at the end of the day, it IS food and very much edible). There is always room for improvement, but for the review to dismiss it as “disgusting” “repulsive” “gross” is like nails on a chalkboard to my ears. Yes, the quality can always improve. But comparing food to garbage when there are starving people who would give up a lot for that “garbage” is a bit offensive. Maybe the reviewer can comment on the texture and the nutrition of the food more, instead of constantly comparing it to “trash”? J

Comment by Donna

Thanks for commenting. You ask why cant people bring their own lunch, well alot of people do. But their are some kids whos parents cant make them their own lunch, because their parents dont have time they have to go to work. Please understand that.

Comment by pwyfoodgabriellah

I agree, Gabriella, some people can’t bring their own lunch. And, we’re so sorry if you feel like we’re playing with the food Cita. It’s just our sixth graders way of expressing that the lunch is awful. And we do appreciate the food, we just don’t like it. I mean, everythingis always so moist and soggy, that it’s just way to hard, to put it in our mouths. I bring my home lunch,and if I do eat school lunch, it’s just the fruits, or PB&J sandwichs. Other than that, I wouldn’t eat a lick of it. Sorry, Cita if we seemed a little rude with the food! 🙂

Comment by noureen

well Cita,we DO understand that there are starving people in this world. Yes, we should be a little more thankful, but still if these people who run this program are goin to feed us food that isn’t edible; then why should they give it to us. For example, the hamburger sometimes isn’t cooked all the way and there is pink all in the middle of the hamburger.

Comment by Rita

Hi! we understand that we should be respectful because people ineed need food and we should be lucky we are getting food we absolutely understand hat problem. But thats not what we are fighting over/thats not oure argument or point we just want better food. This problem is being taken care off already.

Comment by khadija

Nice job, with the poem and pic Rita.

Comment by Misbaha

@Donna: I understand where you’re coming from and, absolutely, there are people in this world far less fortunate who would love to have what these girls are calling disgusting. I also like your suggestion about focusing some of the attention of the reviews on the texture and nutrition. On the other hand, a few months back, I taste-tested a turkey and cheese sandwich from the cafeteria. You’d think it would be relatively harmless, but I have to say, it WAS disgusting — salty and a little “off,” like turkey that’s a day or two past its freshness date. There’s just no nice way to put it. With free and reduced lunch programs in our public schools, America has already tackled the issue of feeding the kids who need it, thank goodness. Now we’re trying to feed them better. It may seem extravagant to expect that free lunches taste good, but as a teacher, I want my students to enjoy — really, truly enjoy — every part of their school day, including lunch.

Comment by FoodTeacherAmy

“It WAS disgusting — salty and a little “off,” like turkey that’s a day or two past its freshness date.”

Eeek. Well, I was expecting something like stale bread or dry chicken patties. But if the food tastes “off”… well, that’s DEFINITELY a problem there.
But yes, I agree with you whole-heartedly – eating should be enjoyable. On a side note, from the peom, I’m glad Rita enjoyed her carrot sticks. When I was in school, no one ever finished their given fruit/veggie portion.

Comment by Donna

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