School Lunch Found Guilty!

Chicken With Beans >=O by ayshat
May 3, 2010, 2:28 pm
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Guilty >=O

Aysha and Khadija say that the food was guilty today.  The chicken was all dried up on the top and the skin part was very burned.  The beans as usual were so soggy wet and smelly. The beans smelled like sweaty socks. If I had to compare the two chicken and beans to the bottom of my shoes well I cant tell the difference because of course there both smelly and nasty! The beans also looked  like a dog licked it and threw it back out its mouth . We always get these beans we deserve better! We need our voices heard! im not even sure if this is FOOD because it doesn’t taste like it. We rather eat an alive chicken than what we got!! in the lunch room we hardly saw any one eating the food and more people were with lunches. I think that they give us these food for no reason its a waste .

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ugh whateva who would wnat tio eat that i agree with u!!!!!!

Comment by assia

When I first saw this, I thought that it was a group of kids that genuinely wanting to eat healthy food/improve their disgusting school lunches. Well, some of the posts show that, but the majority of the posts involve kids complaining about the “guilty” school food, and going on to say how they would much prefer “unguilty” foods, such as soft drinks, chips (fried, b/c according to these kids, baked chips are disgusting), cookies, and so on… I’m not typing all of this just to be mean; it’s the pure truth – a lot of the kids who are posting here are hypocrites.

Comment by Yiran

I don’t think that’s true. If you look back through the posts, I think you’ll find that often times the only parts of the lunches that kids find “unguilty” are things like the carrots and apples and milk. But when you look at beans like these (and when the oranges are hard and dry, or the apples are tiny and covered in bruises), can you really blame them for preferring unhealthy alternatives? Part of our (Wo)manifesto calls for healthier food, but this site also seeks to improve the quality and flavor of lunch as well. I think we can all agree that even a bad piece of pizza will probably taste better than wilted and mushy packaged green beans. I think they’re saying that when the so-called healthy options look like this, they’re going to make choices that aren’t as nutritious.

Comment by FoodTeacherAmy

Yes we want healthy food, but the healthy food their giving us here is unapealling, we want GOOD, TASTY, healthy food, not ugly bruised healthy food

Comment by pwyfoodgabriellah

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