School Lunch Found Guilty!

Grilled Cheese by pwyfoodgabriellah
May 4, 2010, 12:18 pm
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Not Guilty

Gabriella and Nazifa say: Once again, we feel like we have not that much time to eat. When we eat we have to eat very fast. The lunch isnt giving us any time to really enjoy and “take in” our food. At the end of the lunch period ,half of the people haven’t finished their lunches yet. We need more time during our lunch periods. Today the lunch was Grilled cheese sandwich with a choice of pear, carrots or an orange (some variety). We really like the grilled cheese sandwich and its probably the best thing they give for lunch here. Luckily, the grilled cheese is always served warm so its almost never cold and the cheese is still melty ( no one likes cold grilled cheese. right?) The only thing i sometimes dont like about the grilled cheese is that sometimes the bread feels moist Yuck! We dont like moist bread thats nasty, but not today, today the bread was nice and not moist just the way we like it 🙂 Todays lunch was a lunch that they dont give often, but most people seem to like it. I declare it NOT GUILTY! 🙂


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I think the bread is probably moist because the grilled cheese is always wrapped in plastic. I’m an adult and I find that disgusting.
I just wanted to say that I love this blog and you are doing a wonderful job. I think the quality of the food you are served and the lack of variety is absolutely shameful.

Comment by Mary

Thankyou for the comment! If you think this lunch is shameful check out the other school lunch they give! the other food they give is BEYOND SHAMEFUL! 🙂

Comment by pwyfoodgabriellah

Gabby, Nazifa, I completely LOVE the face on the grilled cheese sandwich. I also love that you were honest. I mean, most people would declare the lunch mostly guilty, but you guys were truthful. Awesome Job!!!!! :O

Comment by noureen

Aw that’s my favorite lunch at my high school! The grilled cheese here looks by far less healthy than yours, but it’s always steaming hot, oozing with butter and gooey cheese, and the bread is usually still crisp like a panini ❤ Pears are my favorite fruit too! Why, just the other day, my friend Amber and I drew a face on the little sticker on my pear at lunch; we named him Pearson! Hehe, yes, high schoolers are still way immature and weird. But it keeps us out of trouble (usually…hehe just kidding)!

Comment by Emily

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