School Lunch Found Guilty!

Chicken Patty by khadijaz
May 11, 2010, 2:07 pm
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Jensine and Rania says: The lunch was okay but some people like Jensine didn’t eat it because it was meat and the meat that Jensine eat is prepared a certain way. While we are writing this Jensine is starving. The lunch came with bananas, oranges, and carrots. We didn’t eat any because we thought that the carrots had no taste and the bananas and oranges had a LOT of black marks! WHO WANTS BLACK MARKS ON THEIR food?

              This is evidence that we kids created this website NOT because we wanted to play around, we created this website because we wanted to show that in New York City we are getting these kind of food. A city where all kind of cultural food restaurants can be found, a city that is famous. Did you know kids in France get different food everyday per month? And look how many times our lunch was repeated over and over again. In France, kids have appetizers, main meal, and dessert. Can you believe that? We are just trying to show that we should take France as a role model for giving rich food to children (which they actually eat and enjoy) AND they are healthy. I don’t know about you guys but honeslty this just wants to make us say “WOW”

                                           We hate school lunch.


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At this rate, I’m thinking you girls are given chicken patties at least twice a week. Can’t they come up with something else?

Comment by Mary

In France, parents pay for school lunch on a sliding scale; that is, there is absolutely no free lunch. Every parent pays something, at least.

I’d love to know what the parents of the girls at this school pay. Maybe that is a clue as to why there is such a difference in the quality of food between France and this school district.

Comment by Lisal

I stumbled across this website and I am horrified looking at the food American students have to eat. I live in Finland and the school lunch is more like what they have in France. We just recently passed a compulsory Vegetarian Day for all schools.

Comment by Tinsku

yes i also agree i hope this changes these foods are getting boring!! 😦 for all of us repeated food. we want to taste something good fresh new appealing not boring disgusting we say disgusting alot because it is ! we hope to find good lunch next year! i cant live with the same boring lunch for years!! France is a role model for us! we dont know about others but we want food like them we DESERVE food like them! the question that alwaays pops up at my mind is why are our lunch different?? Dont we all should get good food? why cant we get good food? Its pretty hard handling to eat the repeated lunch everyday? i feel bad for people who do eat lunch every single day!

Comment by Khadija

Hey guys,
I’ve never had to cope with American school lunches, so I really sympathize with you. Especially on days when you get mostly processed, very sugary and salty foods.

One thing I’m wondering about is: what are these black marks on the food exactly? Are they black, or brown? If you have brown spots on a banana, that means it’s ripe, so no worries there. As for oranges or apples, you can’t always get perfect ones – in fact, the more perfect an apple looks, the more suspicious its origins, and the bigger the chance that it is pesticide-ridden and very unhealthy to eat unpeeled. If you find spots like that on hard fruit, maybe you should cut or bite them off (if they give you no knives) and eat the rest, I don’t think it’ll harm you.

Good luck with upcoming lunches!

Comment by Zhana

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