School Lunch Found Guilty!

Bakery House by michellem2
May 24, 2010, 3:02 pm
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Angela and Michelle say:

Oh my god this lunch was horrible today! The wedged-cutted potatos tasted like nothing at all. The cheeseburger was with melted cheese, which looked disgusting. The cheese was melted too much and the bread was like dried bread. Who would want to eat that kind of cheeseburger? The cut peaches looked all squishy and watery and it tasted like water with sugar.  We preferred what we had in cooking class.




Now look at this. This is what we preferred to eat for lunch. This is what we did for our cooking class today. It was for a multicutural bread celebration. Before we celebrated, we had to do certain things. First, we watched Julia Child’s videos of when she’s making bread. Next, we watched more videos but it’s a PBS documentary. We watched what families from other states cooked for their cultural celebrations and we got to see their recipes. We also saw videos that are PBS documentaries, and one of them is America’s Test Kitchen. From watching these videos, we learned how to read and write recipes our our own. We also learned about the taste and texture of foods and the ingredients we can use when making a certain kind of recipe. Finally, we made our own bread recipes and published them. And of course, we had our bakery celebration.

Us Holding Our Book Recipe of Bread


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Finally i look better in a picture. :\

Ok, so yes the lunch was sorta not good but at least we had a bakery thing of our own in elective class. 🙂

Comment by Misbaha

well yeah but u can understand why k thanks for commenting.!!!

Comment by michellem2

It looks SO SO SO yummy! I wish i was there!

Comment by pwyfoodbrittanyg

yummy! good times…all of does bread from around the world had many different taste and they were all fantastic in their own way!!!

_ Giovanna Conti_ !!!

Comment by schoollunchfoundguilty

the picture with the bread looks all brown-ish. I really wished some of it had some veggies in it. :\

Comment by Misbah

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