School Lunch Found Guilty!

home lunch to school by schoollunchfoundguilty
May 25, 2010, 1:23 pm
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NOT guilty

Christy and Daniela say: Today we went on a field trip.We missed lunch so we brought home lunch. The home lunch was very different. It tasted much better. It was neatly placed and everyone was happy eating home lunch. We asked everyone what they think about eating home lunch than school lunch. One person said ” I like this better than school lunch it tasted fresh.”  Some of the lunches were sandwiches and chips and apples.


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Christy, Daniela, you guys are so right! I was pretty happy not having school lunch today. The home lunch, was better anyway. Many people were trading things, and that was good, because nobody would starve to death. Also, you can prepare your own lunch, so you know you’re going to like it. School lunch, doesn’t give you choice. So, once again, I’m super happy. Bye!!!

Comment by noureen

I was happy, too.

I guess it was because we finally got what we wanted out of all our pickiness.

Comment by Misbaha

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