School Lunch Found Guilty!

Cheese Burger & French Fries by pwyfoodbrittanyg
June 1, 2010, 1:49 pm
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Half guilty

Giovanna & Brittany say:  Today we walked in to the cafeteria all happy and excitied and we were plesently suprised to see our favorite food in the lunchroom, Cheese Burger w/ Fries! The Hamburger buns were dry and tasteless, it also looked like someone just threw the bun on the burger. The Burger was…well…it was cooked. It had taste but we have had way better burgers before! The cheese looked hard and not even a  little bit melted.  The French fries was overcooked. We tryed to split one open and it took all our energy to open it! Over all the whole meal is Half Gulity!

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It so sad to see the type of lunches that are really served. I am blessed to be where I am, a very strong company that allows me to feed my girls right. Check out my blog if yoiu have time, I show what we eat at school on a regular basis.

Comment by chef Dennis

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