School Lunch Found Guilty!

Chicken And Rice with Broccoli by khadijaz
June 9, 2010, 2:14 pm
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3/4 Guilty

Khadija and Aysha say: Today the lunch we were served was 3/4 guilty. Why? because the chicken was kind of wet. When our parents make chicken it’s not like that. It tasted like a half-cooked chicken. The rice was pretty good. If there were vegetables in it I can guarantee every one would eat it. It would even be more healthier. The broccoli was disgusting. We expected broccoli like the broccoli we are served in chinese food. The broccoli was really wet. When ever I tried to eat it, it would just fall down. It tasted more like a broccoli that was given to us after 100 years. We know we say we want healthy food! But in this case we are getting encouraged to eat junk food. Why? because the food we eat don’t taste good. Its uncooked, wet, bad, it doesn’t seem healthy. So what are we supposed to eat. We can’t bring food from home everyday. So we are encouraged to say you know what a pack of chips are only $.25 and chips taste much better than school food so im going to buy that. If we were served rice with fresh vegetables who would waste their money on a pack of chips? Noone! So if we are getting food like this we would just eat junk! Every kid would probably decide the same. We know the school food might seem healthy but it should also taste like it and should look it. These food don’t encourage us. Like if you have ever watched the show Jamie Oliver’s food revolution. Jamie goes to a highschool. There he serves a salad with fresh vegetables and almost everyone had a good impression. They  didn’t even mention that we want french fries more than this salad we are getting. Why? Because the salad taste perfect the vegetables were fresh and perfect. Jamie oliver had sure helped them. They were on their way to  become a healthy child. Thats our point!


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Hello I am a new visitor of you’re website! I surely agree with you’re point! you guys have really strong opinions that will help you fight for good food. I am with you to help you guys! I understand how you guys feel! I feel the same way as you guys ! Why should you guys get bad food! I would also eat junk food!

Comment by Mehak

Woah, you guys wrote a lot. 😀 Niiiice && I agree.

Comment by Misbaha

Hello i am a new visitor of this website. I absolutly agree with youre point. You guys sure did bring up a good point. People like Jamie Oliver sure are good, helpful, and understanding persons. You guys are absolutly correct about the pack of chips. If any child was treated with good healthy food they would not bother eating junk food. Nice point!

Comment by esham

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