School Lunch Found Guilty!

Beef Patty, Waffles and Peach by khadijaz
June 24, 2010, 3:02 pm
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                              Beef patty, waffles, and peach


Khadija and Jensine say: That today’s lunch was okay. Not that good. We didn’t understand why we get waffles for lunch. But if we had syrup it would be even more better. It was a good change for some people because Jensine didn’t like beef patty. The peach was fresh and tasty. It was really juicy and had no bruises!!!! The beef patty was hard from the outside. Some people couldn’t eat it becuase either they are not aloud to or they can’t eat it in the form the school gives us. That made us sad. They were still starving. If we had salad too it would be awesome to eat. We never had salad to eat in our school. In our old school we did. We had pineapple, cucumbers, pickles and plenty more. Those were good days. Healthy food could be tasty. We long to have great and healthy food. It is how they make it that counts. Not that they are meat or chips or veggies. People asume that kids from our school are getting healthy food but they arent eating it. So they say that the kids are the problem. We know we are getting healthy food but we want tasty, and good looking food too. No kid would eat anything that looks like it was just in  the garbage. We appreciate that we are getting healthy food but we are just saying we want it to taste better.  


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hey i go to that school and the lunch is awesome we have pizza waffles beef pattes and a SALAD BAR!!!! omg all of that is a blast and we have cold water and regular milk low fat milk and choclet milk they have lots of good stuff im in 6th grade and TYWLS food and school ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Malaq

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