School Lunch Found Guilty!

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Hi! We are 27 6th-graders and one teacher at The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria in Queens, NY. A few months ago, an assignment for our “Play With Your Food” elective class was to write a review of the school lunch. We discovered that most of us were grossed out by what we got not only that day but every day. We had all kinds of ideas about what to do about it: write a business letter to the Department of Education, tell the newspaper, hire a celebrity chef, bring a lunch to Mayor Bloomberg at his office, and on and on and on. This website is our way of putting all our ideas and energy into one place that everyone can visit. We want to show people exactly what is being served to New York City Public School kids every day. Yuck!

The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria is a public single-gender school in Queens, NY, currently serving girls in grades 6-9. More than 25 countries are represented by the students in our 6th grade alone.


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My second grader came home from school today with an invitation for us to have “lunch for dinner” at his school next week. I was looking at the menu and grumbling that the items being served are not really representative as they are never served together. I often go and have lunch with him and so I am familiar with the food they have. Thank you for reminding me of how good their lunch actually is. Good Luck! I hope they improve this for you.


Comment by Robin

I am one of the the sixth graders and thanks for all the suport you are giving my school. i dont like the school lunch but i still eat it.

Comment by lesley

This is fantastic! Congratulations! I hope you are able to serve Bloomberg some of this “lunch”. Great work, keep it up! You will rule the world someday!

Comment by Annelizabeth

Wow, I’m really amazed by your site. I wish I had the idea to do something like this when I was younger. Keep up the good work! Something really needs to be done about the terrible quality of NYC school lunches..

Comment by Hanna

I’m pretty sure your principal can advocate for you on behalf of changing the lunch program. Present him or her with a compelling argument and you could see change happen. It happened in my school (where I am a teacher). You have the ambition, see it through! Keep up the GREAT work!

Comment by Mike

Good for you! I hope that people will pay attention and get you some better food for lunch soon. I know adults would not eat that stuff every day.

Comment by Michelle

I am so proud of you guys! This site is awesome. I think you should put together a “yearbook” coffee table book at the end of the year and SELL IT! I would totally buy one! Seriously…consider it!

Comment by just a mom in mesquite

great idea!!!!!!!! your seriously smart!!!!!

Comment by rania

I am linking you guys to my sites as well, posterous and wordpress. Keep up the good work!

Comment by just a mom in mesquite

I second the book idea! Your photos are great, and your discriptions are fantastic! I look forward to your daily posts. Keep it going! A

Comment by Anneliz

hey u guy’s r the best and that this is the most farest school lunch website that i have heard of and im am in cookin and it awsome;]

Comment by elizabeth

We will try to do everything we can! Thx to u guys we will have ourselves in the good hands of people’s bad/good opinion!

Comment by Misbah

keep up the good work!

Comment by chef Dennis

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