School Lunch Found Guilty!

Beef Patty, Waffles and Peach
June 24, 2010, 3:02 pm
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                              Beef patty, waffles, and peach


Khadija and Jensine say: That today’s lunch was okay. Not that good. We didn’t understand why we get waffles for lunch. But if we had syrup it would be even more better. It was a good change for some people because Jensine didn’t like beef patty. The peach was fresh and tasty. It was really juicy and had no bruises!!!! The beef patty was hard from the outside. Some people couldn’t eat it becuase either they are not aloud to or they can’t eat it in the form the school gives us. That made us sad. They were still starving. If we had salad too it would be awesome to eat. We never had salad to eat in our school. In our old school we did. We had pineapple, cucumbers, pickles and plenty more. Those were good days. Healthy food could be tasty. We long to have great and healthy food. It is how they make it that counts. Not that they are meat or chips or veggies. People asume that kids from our school are getting healthy food but they arent eating it. So they say that the kids are the problem. We know we are getting healthy food but we want tasty, and good looking food too. No kid would eat anything that looks like it was just in  the garbage. We appreciate that we are getting healthy food but we are just saying we want it to taste better.  


Chicken And Rice with Broccoli
June 9, 2010, 2:14 pm
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3/4 Guilty

Khadija and Aysha say: Today the lunch we were served was 3/4 guilty. Why? because the chicken was kind of wet. When our parents make chicken it’s not like that. It tasted like a half-cooked chicken. The rice was pretty good. If there were vegetables in it I can guarantee every one would eat it. It would even be more healthier. The broccoli was disgusting. We expected broccoli like the broccoli we are served in chinese food. The broccoli was really wet. When ever I tried to eat it, it would just fall down. It tasted more like a broccoli that was given to us after 100 years. We know we say we want healthy food! But in this case we are getting encouraged to eat junk food. Why? because the food we eat don’t taste good. Its uncooked, wet, bad, it doesn’t seem healthy. So what are we supposed to eat. We can’t bring food from home everyday. So we are encouraged to say you know what a pack of chips are only $.25 and chips taste much better than school food so im going to buy that. If we were served rice with fresh vegetables who would waste their money on a pack of chips? Noone! So if we are getting food like this we would just eat junk! Every kid would probably decide the same. We know the school food might seem healthy but it should also taste like it and should look it. These food don’t encourage us. Like if you have ever watched the show Jamie Oliver’s food revolution. Jamie goes to a highschool. There he serves a salad with fresh vegetables and almost everyone had a good impression. They  didn’t even mention that we want french fries more than this salad we are getting. Why? Because the salad taste perfect the vegetables were fresh and perfect. Jamie oliver had sure helped them. They were on their way to  become a healthy child. Thats our point!

Peanut-Butter and Jelly
June 3, 2010, 2:13 pm
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Gaby and Khadija say: Today we had Peanut-Butter and Jelly. The bread was dry and it stuck to the peanut butter. The jelly partically stuck out the whole thing. Khadija liked the orange even though it was hard o peel but today it seemed very fresh and good. Thats the kind of fruits we want! Gaby thought the peanut butter was good but there was too much jelly. We couldnt taste the peanut butter. We wish the peanut butter and the jelly was spread equally instead of jelly more than peanut butter but overall we enjoyed it! 🙂

Chicken Patty
May 11, 2010, 2:07 pm
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Jensine and Rania says: The lunch was okay but some people like Jensine didn’t eat it because it was meat and the meat that Jensine eat is prepared a certain way. While we are writing this Jensine is starving. The lunch came with bananas, oranges, and carrots. We didn’t eat any because we thought that the carrots had no taste and the bananas and oranges had a LOT of black marks! WHO WANTS BLACK MARKS ON THEIR food?

              This is evidence that we kids created this website NOT because we wanted to play around, we created this website because we wanted to show that in New York City we are getting these kind of food. A city where all kind of cultural food restaurants can be found, a city that is famous. Did you know kids in France get different food everyday per month? And look how many times our lunch was repeated over and over again. In France, kids have appetizers, main meal, and dessert. Can you believe that? We are just trying to show that we should take France as a role model for giving rich food to children (which they actually eat and enjoy) AND they are healthy. I don’t know about you guys but honeslty this just wants to make us say “WOW”

                                           We hate school lunch.

Lasagna and beans Vs Turkey cheese sandwich
April 29, 2010, 2:04 pm
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Lazania VS Turkey cheese sandwich


Maria and Khadija say:  The lasagna was mushy and sticky. We compared it to a Turkey cheese sandwich which was homemade by our friends mother. The sandwich was much better than the lasagna. The sandwich was delicious well-cooked and perfect flavor to it.  The turkey wasnt mushy or sticky.The lasagna was horrible. When we took a bite it just fell back on the tray. It taste like the garbage. The turkey sandwich totally beat the Lasagna by the taste, texture, and smell. We gave the Lasagna one star out of ten and we gave the turkey sandwich a ten out of ten!  The beans were wet, soggy, smelly, and it was dull in color. The beans should have been colorful and bright. Which we didn’t have. If we were given beans that aren’t dull or wet we would eat it all up.

Chicken Patty and Carrots
April 27, 2010, 2:03 pm
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Chicken patty and carrots

Half Guilty

   Gaby and Sadia say: Today we had Chicken Patty with Carrots.First of all the chicken was warm and part of it inside was pink. What was that?It was also uncooked. The Carrots were soggy and squishy. As a side snack we had a banana and it was bitter. There was also some green stuff on the outside of the banana. The buns tasted bad and they were dry. Although, the milk was okay, but it was a little good because it was cold.