School Lunch Found Guilty!

iron chef cooking contest in tywls by schoollunchfoundguilty
June 15, 2010, 12:52 pm
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The winner: Team Japan

 Christy and Daniela say: Today we had a iron chef compition in our food class for the end of the year. We had a special ingredent it was cinnamon.There were three courses  appetizer, main course and dessert.We had 4 judges. Our food class teacher was stuned that everything was so good. We ate everything there was nothing left on the plates . We had 2 teams team Japan and team America. Team Japan won by 12 points.Everyone had fun making the food . We had to  find recipes using cinnamon. for the dessert people the recipes were easy to find. for the main course and appetizer it was hard. Itwas a great day.  

**Pictures taken by Elizabeth A.

Amy and Caitlin try Team Japan's two main courses: 1. chicken kabobs, and 2. cinnamon chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries and cornbread!

Judge Yariv tries Team America's cinnamon chicken with raisins and capers

Yum Yum

Upside down apple pie, awesome

5 possible points for appearance

Can't wait to eat

Adding up the scores. This was a tough decision!