School Lunch Found Guilty!


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You gals are brilliant! What a great movement-builder! The folks at the Brooklyn Food Coalition are also working to change school food–make it healthier, tastier, more locally sourced–as well as have more school curriculum like your “play with your food” class. We’d love to hear more from you. Please check our website–go to “get involved” and you’ll see our School Food Reform group site Tell us more about you!!

Comment by Nancy Romer

Wow this is really an amazing idea. Shouldn’t every school be doing this? The last school lunch i ate (about 4 years ago now) was even more unappealing than the lunches pictured on this blog and I’m POSITIVE that the school i graduated from is still serving the same menu every week, to this day. Not only do school lunches usually contain the lowest grade of food possible, but it is never cooked right! Do mashed potatoes that taste like paper covered in a toxic looking bright yellow gravy sound nutritional? Should CHILDREN be forced to eat microwaved hamburgers made of ground beef one grade below that used in dog food served sweating in plastic bags? I remember being served “wet” burritos at least once a month at my high school. A wet burrito was what you were served when the lunch ladies heated the normal burritos so long that they became hard as rocks and then were soaked in water long enough to be malleable enough to eat again. School lunches go beyond unhealthy, they are hazardous. I think more people should jump on this bandwagon. School lunches need a change! Someone from every school across the country should be posting pictures of their school lunches daily. Please let me know if there is anything i can help with to spread the word. Will be re-posting this blog for sure! Please don’t stop posting pictures of your lunch every day.

Comment by Alecia N

You made some excellent observations. We are working hard at schoolfood to improve the quality of the food we serve students during the school day. We encourage you to speak with your school food service manager to help improve the food we serve at your school. Please try to join your local “school food partnership committee”.

Stephen O’Brien
Director of Food and Food Support

Comment by Stephen

Hello Girls, and thank you for being a great group today at Career Day. I love your initiative about this blog, and I like the out of the box ideas about sharing the school lunch daily review! I think you are balanced in your thinking about a touchy subject. It was for me when I was in school…I ate mostly ziti when it was on the menu and chocolate chip cookies. Not very healthy! I like the humor and the honesty. Did you ever have anyone pitch this story to a newspaper? I know a few freelance writers who might think this is interesting…Meanwhile, thank you for allowing me time in your classroom! Remember Mine. Define . Shine! Trish

Comment by Trish Rubin


Comment by Misbah

Hi ladies, this is one of the coolest “of the people” sites I’ve ever seen – heard about it from the Museum of Moving Image afterschool program – I help with the animation classes at another TYWLS school.

You should send some of these photos to my friend’s blog at – he posts pictures with descriptions from all people all over the world & this would be a great addition.

Also you probably know that this is an awesome topic that there are other folks talking & thinking about too. You might want to check out or other thoughts on changing school lunches from Alice Waters.

Thanks for the great work. I’ll keep checking out your awesome descriptions & getting more convinced that school food needs to changed!

Comment by Gayathri

What about schools who have really good food? Can their food be posted on your website, or is this site for your school only?

Comment by Elmer

Hi Elmer: What a great question! When we first envisioned this site, we thought that maybe someday we could include pictures/thoughts from other places. Logistically, we don’t know what will happen, but we’re open to ideas. Why don’t you send us an email (to the address in our contact page) with a JPEG photo, a little bit about where you’re from, and your lunch review? I’ll forward it to the class and see what they think. Thanks!

Comment by foodteacheramy

Thank you ladies for cluing us old folks into what garbage is being called food in our schools. Let’s get this food revolution started!

Comment by Debra Cooper-Stewart

Hi Gals,

Thought you’d appreciate seeing your good selves in my blog post today. I write a blog called Lettuce Eat Kale, and I cover school food quite a bit.

Love what you’re doing here and wanted to spread the word.

Also: I have a son entering middle school next year. Any tips?


Comment by sarah henry

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