School Lunch Found Guilty!

Our (Wo)Manifesto

We have lunch that is gross and repeated every week and is mostly not eaten because either it is disgusting or because of religion. We should vary the food and let us, students, make the choice of what is to be eaten because we are the ones who will eat it.

The school food is unhealthy and looks non-appetizing. The vegetables are mushy and they smell bad when they’re boiled. The school lunch looks unhealthy and mushy, but in other places, food is paired up with something and is crunchy or smooth. Food should be healthy, fresh, unboiled. Vegetables should be matched up with another food. For example: rice with carrots, green peas. We want fruits that are fresh, non-bruised and taste the way they’re supposed to taste.

The school is making a kitchen in the lunchroom, but why? We ask ourselves, why is there a kitchen and no cooking? We think this kitchen will be useless because the kitchen should be used for cooking, not for heating. We want to see a chef putting ingredients together and cooking something professionally and neatly. There sould be someone actually cooking new and fresh food for us. Now that would be way better.

Every day at lunch when we throw away our trays in the garbage we are wasting money and hurting our earth. We could be hurting our earth with styrofoam, aluminum, plastic and paper. We always get trays and we just throw them away. There should be a station in the back where we get a tray, plate, cup, and fork and sppon, and after we are done, we put everything in the back to be washed. We won’t waste money or hurt the earth anymore if we have regular silverware.

We have seen grease stains left from the breads and muffins served to our students. We have seen our students eat the school lunch “nachos” (meant to be a full meal) that consist only of ground beef and tortilla chips. We have had students skip lunch because they said it was “nasty.” We have seen them eat the candy bar and bag of chips they bought from the bodega before school as an alternative. We have heard many complaints about expired milk. We have searched five minutes through a selection of apples to find one not covered with bruises. This is so unfair. We would like our students to have fresh, quality food that makes them excited about school lunch, helps them develop good eating habits early, and that provides them with enough energy to get through the school day.

Currently, our school is undergoing a renovation that will include a new kitchen. When that kitchen is complete, we would like to see it used for washing, chopping, stirring, seasoning and actual cooking – not for unpackaging and reheating. We think a brand new kitchen provides the perfect opportunity to change how things are typically done in school cafeterias.

Our country’s enormous Foodie/Gourmet Culture is apparent in the popularity of food blogs, the Food Network, and shows like Top Chef. We would like to see that kind of enthusiasm aimed at school lunches. There are so many skilled chefs (and wannabe chefs) out there, it is ludicrous to think schools couldn’t find a few who might like to work with kids. The Powers That Be need to empower schools to hire a school chef and kitchen staff, and need to support those positions with the decision-making ability and level of respect they might find in a restaurant, and the kind of budget that will support fresh ingredients and on-site preparation.

As teachers, we work very hard to plan lessons that appeal to the interests and attention spans of our students while also helping them gain the skills they need. We do this by paying attention to what they’re reading, by talking to them about their hobbies, by asking questions about what they had trouble with on their homework, by doing hours and hours of research for fresh classroom materials, and by attending professional development sessions that teach us new methods of delivering information. We would like to see the same level of care put into planning our students’ lunches. School lunch menu planners need to take into account not only what students’ bodies need, but also what they want, and what they’ll actually eat. It is possible to offer our students interesting alternatives to pizza and hamburgers, but healthy food has to be prepared in a way that will appeal to kids.


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wow now i see teachers want our school lunch to be better cool

Comment by naimah

I agree with the teachers and students the school lunch is not healthy. The hamburgers are not well cooked they have red meat inside of it and that is not healthy it is raw meat and that is bad. Sometimes i throw my lunch away right when i look at it. it is disgusting no one will eat it we should get a chef that is well prepared and wants to serve for the children. The students want that. Trust me i am a student of TYWLS of Astoria. I don’t even wanna eat that lunch. so when i go to classes i cant think and i cant remember what they taught me and it is not helping my grade. I and WE need food to keep us ALERT & READY FOR CLASS! =]

Comment by kiara

This is so true! I agree with you! 🙂

Comment by NKV

I love the (Wo)manifesto!

Comment by Sarah


Comment by Brooke

this is what we want! this is TRUE!

Comment by pwyfoodjenniferj

Each manifesto is very well written and gives the DOE something to think about, as it decides what to serve school children each day!

Comment by Brooke

i agree school lunch is found guilty thats why I dont get lunch that often

Comment by Anum

The idea of “Our (Wo) Manifesto” is significantlly great and matches the key points to the website. The DOE really needs something to do with the School Lunches, even if it’s just a small thing because that small thing grows bigger and spreads through-out the whole online community, even if it takes a while. 😀 Yay, go SCHOOLLUNCHFOUNDGUILTY!!!!!

Comment by pwyfoodemilya

I agree with what everyone has to say. We should get better food. I am happy to see that the teachers believe as strongly as we do. Some teachers also eat school lunch, so this would also be a benefit for them to. It would be good for everyone. SCHOOL LUNCH FOUND GUILTY!!!

Comment by syedal

I agree with everyone I mean like we have a kitchen that we hardly use,and the lunch is not made by the lunch lady, we just order it from the NY Cares.

Comment by assia

I agree with the teachers!Now they have a sense or a full understanding of why we don’t concentrate.Because school lunch is disgusting!

Comment by sarah

I have to make another comment again. I’m seeing the same patterns in other previous schools. I’ve also been trying to figure out why the school lunches have to be like this. But sometimes in other school’s around the world, they’re different. I mean the lunches are more healthier but delicuos at the same time not like the school lunch in this school. Even the school lunch is imported!! This is a complaint about the school lunch and I think it should be heard all over the world not just in the community of Astoria or New York but in far away countries and places like Philippines or Hungary. Things like these should be spread and grow bigger and more popular. This website should be among one of them.

Comment by pwyfoodemilya

Hi Folks, I just read your (Wo)manifesto and think you are terrific. You might like reading a brand new book that was written by a school food change activist, Janet Poppedieck. It’s called “Free For All: Fixing School Food in America” The author lives in Brooklyn and I bet she’d love to come speak with you. The book is interesting to read and explains how school food came to be so bad. You’ll love it! It’s a kind of “American History” through the view of school food.

Comment by Nancy Romer

Great work!

Comment by brooklyn mom

Every word is true! Couldn’t have been said better! I see school lunches every day and know this from experience.

Comment by Caroline

i totaly agree with my classmates that school food is found guilty!

Comment by Giovanna

That’s prob. because the precious class put their general opinion in the URL site. 🙂

Comment by Misbah

i agree we shouldn’t be eating something that we don’t like we should be eating what we want to have school unch that get’s us enterrested in in healthy food and appitizing i think we deserve more respect whenthey serve us this jail food i think we should have more respect as tywls students were the ones who make the school alive we have to show ppl that we have good school lunch and good education so i think we should make a change in school lunch i agree wit that teachers they know what there talking about every day we come to school and the teachers r actually like r parents in school tere the ones who look out for us when our parents r in work and the school is like r our home so were actually and together we can build something great starting by making the school lunch better and i think that together as a family we can make better school lunch for the benifit of the student’s and teachers becuasei see every day scott and catlin come down to eat lunch and i think they r very happy about the school lunch

Comment by lizzylou97

this should be something that needs to be put in to concerderation this should be fed to the president and he will see that this food that there feeding us is gro0ss i bet u the president wouldfn”t like it eitgher

Comment by elizabeth

Okay well I agree with the statements you have made about school lunches! The school I go to has terrible school lunches and no one likes to eat them! Something should be done to schools everywhere not just to schools that can afford it! It’s time that EVERYONE can eat something!

Comment by Summer Fitzpatrick

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